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Gentle YAG Laser Hair Removal 

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Gentle YAG Laser Hair Removal
Augusta GA

Remove Unwanted Body Hair Comfortably and Effectively

Gentle YAG laser hair removal Augusta GA

Have you heard of Gentle YAG laser hair removal? It's one of the newer treatments in the realm of laser hair removal. Like everything else in this world, laser hair removal technology is always progressing and developing. This method specifically has been designed to make the patient comfortable during the process while simultaneously removing the hair! Today we'll get deeper into the topic of YAG laser hair removal by highlighting the process itself, talking about who is eligible, and the recovery. After this, if you’re interested in learning more or setting up an appointment, call Augusta Skin and Laser Center. 


What is YAG laser hair removal?

When you think about removing body hair, you may not think it would be a pleasant experience. This method of hair removal is effective at removing hair and keeping the patient as comfortable as possible. The secret to making the process a pleasant one is the patented cooling system. The cooling system sprays the top layer of skin with a blast of cooling cryogen, which is a substance that is safe for the skin and will cause it to lower its temperature. Since the temperature is dropped lower than usual, this will mean that the patient will be comfortable throughout the procedure. 

Once the skin is prepped, the treatment can begin. Similar to other types of laser hair removal, the clinician will hold a small device that will emit the laser onto the skin. This laser works in the same way as others. That is when pointed at the skin, the sharp beam of light is absorbed and converted to heat. This would usually produce an unpleasant sensation for the patient, but since the yag laser hair removal system incorporates cooling technology, the patient won't mind this increase in temperature. The heat is then absorbed into the cells which get rid of any unwanted body hair. The trick to any laser hair removal procedure is focusing on small areas at a time. 

What areas can Gentle yag laser hair removal help?

You're probably thinking that this gentle hair removal method sounds great! But what areas is this process safe for? The answer is simple, all of them! That's right! This process is safe for the peach fuzz that may be forming on your upper lip or any other unwanted hair on the face. If you have unwanted hair on your neck, chest, or back, it will work there too! The underarms are a particularly sensitive area for a lot of people and the gentle process has been proven successful for underarm hair removal. If you wish to remove the hair on your arms or legs, it is safe for them as well. Lastly, this gentle procedure is safe for the bikini zone, which is great with the summer months quickly approaching! 

Who is an eligible candidate for this treatment?

This laser treatment is availble to people of all ages and skin types. It works best for people with black or brown hair because the treatment will remove the pigment from the hair. A consultation is always recommended for the best experience. Additionally, a test area will be targeted in the desired areas on the body before the full procedure is started. During the consultation, you'll get a detailed run-down of the procedure and in the event that you are not eligible for this procedure specifically, you'll receive information on other procedures that could work for you. 


Ok, but will it hurt?


We know what you are thinking. Will this really hurt? The answer is not really. The feeling associated with this treatment is comparable to a hot pinch or a rubber band being snapped on the skin. Prior to the treatment, an anesthetic cream is applied to the treatment area. This will help to ensure that you have a comfortable experience. Most patients experience very little discomfort. The treatment time will vary depending on the area of skin you choose to treat. Treatment times usually range from 15 minutes to 1 hour. 



A lot of people worry about the recovery time because they need to keep living their life. Luckily, recovery for this procedure is quick! After the procedure, you'll experience some redness and swelling, similar to that of a sunburn. The hair will then begin to shed off and you could have mild crusting of the treated area. You'll need to wear SPF in the treated area during sun exposure. If the area is causing you pain, you can find relief in a cold compress. Most patients need a total of 2-6 treatments but any hair that comes back should be thinner in nature that what was originally there. 

Where can I get this treatment?


If you are looking for Gentle YAG laser hair removal in Augusta GA, look no further! The professionals at Augusta Skin and Laser Center are excited to help you learn more about this innovative treatment. The experts in laser hair removal headquartered in the CSRA, you'll be sure to have a great experience with the Gentle YAG laser hair removal procedure. If you're in the Augusta GA area and are looking for laser hair removal, stop in to schedule a visit or give them a call.

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