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LightSheer Laser Hair Removal

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LightSheer Laser Treatment
Augusta GA

Tired of Repetitive And Painful

Hair Removal Treatments?

New LightSheer Laser hair removal offers permanent relief from shaving and unwanted hair. Do you undergo frequent electrolysis treatments or body waxes? Discover a better way to control unwanted hair growth. Explore whether this option might offer the best, permanent hair removal solution for you! Call Augusta Laser & Skin Center at 706-738-8816 now. Schedule a FREE consultation with our GA licensed aestheticians and certified laser technicians to learn about this exciting technology.


LightSheer Laser Hair Removal: An Innovative Process

The LightSheer Laser hair removal process relies upon cutting-edge technology. Trained laser technicians use a powerful laser beam to pinpoint and burn away individual hair follicles. This rapid treatment does not assist everyone (some medical conditions preclude its use). Yet for those patients who do qualify, it offers an effective, permanent solution for the problem of unwanted hair growth.

In the past, patients usually obtained the removal of unwanted body hair by shaving daily, or undergoing tweezing or periodic eletrolysis or body waxing. All of these techniques offer disadvantages:

Shaving: During this process, a patient uses a sharpened blade to physically shave away unwanted hair. Unfortunately, this technique cannot remove the hair follicle, so hair simply regrows immediately in the same location. It may also cause skin irritation or skin abrasions at the site of a dry shave.

Tweezing: A patient uses tweezers to grab an unwanted hair and physically pluck it from the skin. This process may offer permanent hair removal, yet it proves painful. It won't provide a practical solution for extensive unwanted hair growth for these reasons. 

Electrolysis: During electrolysis, a technician uses a probe to send an electrical charge to stunt hair growth at the level of the follicle. Effective electrolysis will eventually result in permanent removal of hair, although most patients require repeated procedures in order to achieve this result.

Body Waxing: Perhaps the most painful method for removing hair, body waxing involves the application of a sticky substance, usually wax, to unwanted body hair. The abrupt removal of this material will pull out clumps of hair from follicles. This frequently painful technique does not offer a permanent solution (hair does grow back eventually). It may cause damage to skin cells in outer layers of the skin, however.

Obtain Personalized Services

Managed under the direction of Board Certified plastic surgeons, Augusta Laser & Skin Center supplies individualized beauty treatments. This facility has become a premier site for skilled laser hair removal in Augusta. Consider requesting an appointment soon to determine whether or not the LightSheer laser technology might work effectively for you.

Today, rapid advances in laser technology have helped create a new generation of powerful medical lasers. The technicians who utilize these devices receive specialized training. They exercise care and attention during every procedure. The development of the LightSheer laser promises to revolutionize hair removal in the United States!

A Genuinely Cost-Effective Beauty Treatment

Possibly the most significant benefit LightSheer laser technology relates to its cost-effectiveness. If you regularly submit to electrolysis or body waxing to remove unwanted hair, you know the ongoing costs of these treatments really add up. Patients who receive successful LightSheer laser treatments enjoy permanent relief. The laser burns away unwanted hair follicles. Over the course of time, this new technology proves highly cost-effective.
• Stop spending money every Spring to remove unwanted hair from bikini lines and legs;
• Remove unwanted facial hair permanently;
• This technology also eliminates unwanted hair from arms, legs, and back and abdominal areas.

Advantages of Laser Hair Removal in Augusta GA

Patients obtain important advantages by contacting Augusta Laser & Skin Center at 706-738-8816. Plastic surgeons manage this facility. Obtain cutting edge LightSheer laser treatments in a pleasant, comfortable setting. You'll gain greater peace of mind knowing you've received hair removal treatments at a clinic which complies with medical standards of cleanliness and hygiene. 

Augusta Laser & Skin Center maintains a convenient location. It stands at 1348 Walton Way, #6100 in Augusta. This location serves residents of both Augusta and nearby Aiken, South Carolina. It sits just a few blocks away from Augusta University Medical Center.


About LightSheer Laser Technology

The new LightSheer laser offers programmable convenience. Certified laser technicians use a screen to program the device to deliver treatments at specific rates and depths. This high tech medical tool represents a breakthrough in the permanent removal of unwanted hair. Previous medical lasers sometimes could not completely destroy hair follicles.

Some patients experience side effects as a result of undergoing LightSheer laser procedures. For instance, contact with the laser beam causes minor discomfort or tenderness in some patients. A certified laser technician discusses possible side effects from the use of this technology in detail with prospective hair removal patients. 

Imagine The Improvement in Your Life!

Can you envision yourself after a successful LightSheer laser treatment? This new technology offers welcome relief from unwanted body hair. Treatments require very little time to complete. Cost-effective, affordable, and available today in Augusta, this method of permanently removing hair has already begun gaining popularity in the Southeast.

Don't you owe it to yourself to check whether or not you might qualify as a candidate for this type of procedure? Certain medical conditions prevent some patients from benefiting from this technology. Certified laser technicians cannot make this treatment generally available on demand as a result. However, if a consultation reveals you do qualify, the use of a cost-effective LightSheer laser might provide a great solution! It prevents unwanted hair growth permanently, with minimal side-effects in most people.

Schedule a Consultation Now

To learn more about this interesting hair removal technology, request a Free no-obligation consultation with an aesthetician and certified laser technician at Augusta Laser & Skin Center today. See for yourself why so many people recommend LightSheer laser technology. Then schedule a convenient personal appointment to determine whether or not you qualify for this type of rapid hair removal treatment. Simply call 706-738-8816 now to get started!

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