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Photofractional Laser Treatment

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Photofractional Laser Treatment
Augusta GA

Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles with

Photofractional Laser Treatment

Photofractional laser treatment at Augusta Laser and Skin combines the benefits if intense pulsed light, or IPL therapy and fractional, or fraxel lasers. It softens the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven pigmentation in the skin while stimulating your body to produce collagen to renew your skin’s youthful elasticity and firmness. 


About IPL

IPL resembles laser light but there are differences. A laser is a very concentrated beam of light, while the light from IPL uses a broad spectrum. IPL is used to treat any type of red or brown hyperpigmentation. This means it is excellent for:
• Rosacea
• Spider veins
• Freckles
• Sun damage

About Fraxel Lasers

Fraxel lasers are non-ablative, which means they don’t cause open wounds in the skin. Instead, their energy penetrates deeply into the skin and injures the area that needs to be corrected through minuscule columns of heat energy. The body responds to this injury by removing the damaged skin cells and replacing them with fresh new cells and adding new collagen to the area. Fraxel lasers tone and tighten the skin, so it is used for skin that is loose or sagging. 

Fraxel lasers also help remove any pigmentation that has been resistant to the IPL part of the treatment. This is because it penetrates more deeply into the skin than the IPL. The fractional part of the photofractional laser treatment Augusta Skin & Laser takes about 30 to 40 minutes.

During the Photofractional Laser Treatment

The aesthetician or skin care specialist removes makeup from the patient’s skin and cleanses it thoroughly. They place protective goggles over the patient’s eyes and add clear gel to the skin to help conduct the IPL device. The gel also keeps the skin cool and hydrated during the procedure. 

First, the IPL device is used over the entire face. It is a handpiece that is used perpendicularly to the skin and gives off bursts of light energy much like a camera flash. 

Treatment time for IPL is about 20 minutes, plus 10 minutes for prep and clean up. 

The IPL energy is absorbed into the problem area, whether it is a spider vein or a dark spot and destroys it. The body then absorbs it, and it is flushed out of the body over time.

Skin care specialists recommend that patients have at least two sessions for best results. The sessions should be scheduled from four to six weeks apart. This is because bodies called fibroblasts are synthesizing collagen. A second session gives them a boost of energy.

Who’s a Candidate For Photofractional Skin Treatment?

A candidate for photofractional skin treatment is a person who is in overall good health who doesn’t have any active skin lesions. If they have been taking vitamin-A based retinoids for their skin condition, they'll need to discontinue it at least a week before their photofractional laser treatment Augusta GA. Photofractional treatment is best for fair skinned people, though people with olive skin can also be helped by this treatment.

After the Procedure

After the photofractional laser treatment Augusta Skin & Laser the treatment area will either be darker or redder than it was at first. This is desired, because it means that the treatment has worked to irritate the area. Redness and swelling can be especially pronounced with people with very fair skin. However, it will recede after three to five days. 

Directly after the treatment, the skin care specialist will paint the patient’s face with hyaluronic acid serum, an aloe vera gel and a sunscreen. The patient will be given a moisturizer to take home with them to place on their skin. They’ll be told to stay out of direct sunlight unless they’re using a sunblock and to avoid areas of great heat and humidity.

Patients should avoid harsh skin care products and clean and moisturize their skin gently in the morning and before bed. They may be tempted to pick at their skin, but they must not do this. Picking at the skin will only prolong the healing process. If the skin is angry, a compress of 50 percent milk and 50 percent ice water can calm it.

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