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Augusta GA

Remove Unwanted Body Hair Quickly And Easily

When routine skin care and makeup don't seem to suit your specific needs, photorejuvenation is the next best choice for evening out your complexion. The cosmetic reduction of unsightly age and sun spots can be very important for your self-confidence, and the M22 IPL photorejuvenation process at Augusta Laser& Skin Center can be your answer! Through our website and via phone, we offer free consultations to discuss your wants, needs and aspirations when it comes to diminishing flaws and revealing a more youthful appearance. Please feel free to contact us to answer any and all questions you may have.

When you look in the mirror, do unseemly sun or age spots draw your attention away from your best features? Do you feel as though your skin imperfections hinder your dating life? If so, your one of your best bets for cosmetic alteration is the IPL photorejuvenation treatment. This revolutionary M22 IPL treatment will help you with genetic imperfections such as freckles and birthmarks, as well as other afflictions that come with age. The reason you'll love this treatment is because it is tried, tested and proven to work on a myriad of conditions. You'll also love that this particular treatment is fast as well as effective - many patients see results same-day! 

IPL Photorejuvenation is Non-Invasive
You might wonder if IPL photorejuvenation is the right choice for you, because many people are worried about undue side-effects or unsightly results. Rest assured, this treatment is non-invasive and efficient at getting you the results you want! Because it is non-invasive, you won't have to worry about a negative change in your appearance, besides perhaps a bit of minor redness directly after your treatment. While many patients find they enjoy the results after one session, this treatment can be performed multiple times a year to get you the results you want to see!

Why Choose Augusta Laser & Skin Center?
Through our office in Augusta GA, the M22 IPL photorejuvenation laser treatment is performed for you in an expedient and calm manner. Everything you need to know will be given to you before you start the treatment, and you'll always be able to contact us to speak to a friendly representative should you ever have any questions. You will know that you're always in good hands.


Conditions You Can Address 
Choosing M22 IPL photorejuvenation for your skin rejuvenation needs is a solid choice, because we have the best option available to fit your specific needs. 
Common skin issues that are exasperated with age can include: redness, skin discoloration, liver spots, freckles, birthmarks, sun and age spots, at more. 

Unfortunately, the conditions mentioned above will only get worse with time and continued exposure to harsh outdoor elements like the sun, wind and varying temperatures. While many people seem to ignore these unsightly cosmetic issues, you don't have to! While you may not feel as though cosmetic surgery or invasive options work for you, the other, safer option is M22 IPL treatment! This treatment is sure to help with a myriad of issues and put you on the route to a more youthful appearance.

You Deserve It!
Self-care is moving to the forefront of many social scenes, and this includes the cosmetic industry. It is an important first step to realize that you deserve to look the way you want. Then, you will be able to work towards feeling the way you want to feel. Non-invasive IPL treatment is a great way to increase your feeling of self-worth if you struggle with the appearance of age and sun spots on your skin. Imagine looking in the mirror in a month or two, after being treated at our office, and seeing those age spots have faded away. Don't you deserve to look the way you want to look? You might wonder if the treatment is still right for you, so please feel free to call us or schedule a free consultation through our website. With a free consultation, you can get all of your questions answered before even stepping through the door of our office. Your free consultation will be with a live representative and you won't have to pay a penny to see what our IPL treatment can do for you!
Call Augusta Laser & Skin Center today to set up your free consultation. We happily serve residents of Augusta GA, Evans GA, North Augusta SC and the entire CSRA.

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